The PROS AND CONS (and TIPS!) of NEW YORK CITY Affordable Housing Lottery Program!

On Monday I released a video on how you can get into the Affordable Housing lottery program in NYC.

Watch that here:

However, it’s not for everyone! In this video, I go over the Pros and Cons (as well as some tips)! As someone who has been in the 421a affordable housing program the past two years, I share my insights and advice for anyone who is interested (or not interested) in more affordable housing in the expensive city of NYC!


How YOU Can Get Affordable Housing Lottery in NEW YORK CITY! (TUTORIAL)

Something I realized not a lot of people knew about is that people of medium income can also get Affordable Housing. In NYC, there is a long and winding process, but I break it down in this video. Landlords get a 421a tax abatement. This is one way to save lots of money on rent! It was also how my boyfriend and I saved money to eventually buy a condo. Going to miss living in this newly constructed apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!