THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER! What’s Next? | Buying a House in your 20s in NYC (COVID19)

Hey everyone! IT’S FINALLY HERE! We LOCKED DOWN a condo, signed the contract, and entered the closing process! In our previous video, we mentioned going for a renovation project, but in this video, we also discussed why we decided to move forward with our other best choice. It was a super nerve-wracking few months trying to find a condo right for us, getting our offer accepted, and then eventually proceeding to the closing process. We also show a tour of the condo as well!

Thank you everyone for all the help and advice we received during this journey! We really learned a lot about the real estate world and ourselves. It’s tough being a first home buyer during the pandemic and even harder in NYC! Luckily we had an amazing agent and attorney to guide us along the way!