We got REJECTED, but potential RENOVATION PROJECT?! | Buying a House in your 20s in NYC (COVID19)

My boyfriend and I placed an offer on a condo in NYC during the COVID19 pandemic! Unfortunately, there was a bidding war and the other buyer had a better financial situation. 😭 We started our offer at 800K and it went as high as 900K. It was crazy. I would say this is probably my least favorite part of the entire process because you could fall in love with a place but lose it because someone else loves it even more or is just more financially capable. This was the condo we lost:

We are considering this condo that is the cheapest out of all of the condos we’re considering but it’s in PARK SLOPE which is an amazing and family-friendly neighborhood, but it’s a renovation project. Is it worth it? There are complications with COVID, and we would also be first home buyers. We have one more video on the final result and if they accept our offer!

Have any of you been trying to renovate during the pandemic? Especially in NYC? I’m sure there are permits and construction that slowed down, but also there are fewer COVID restrictions now than before.