YOUR PERSONAL BRAND: How to Make a Good First Impression

Making a good first impression is so important in the corporate and also in personal life too! But does that mean you should be a very fake or energetic version of yourself? You should bring your best version of yourself when meeting new people, and you do that with your personal brand! I will NOT be providing general tips (some of them are pretty self-explanatory) but rather how to put your best food forward as genuine and authentic self. This video is for you on how you can approach this!

Be yourself!

This sounds corny right? But today, I’m going to specifically talk about at being yourself at the workplace. I think many people shy away from their true selves at work because they think they need to be professional, but people connect with people. I realized I made so many friends because I was just being myself. I even have a personal brand at work!

It’s so important to have a personal brand to be known for something but also to bring your whole self to work. In consulting, it seems very “fake” if you have a persona and people can sniff it out in an instant. Your relationships with clients will be SO much better because they feel like they can trust you, and your teammates would enjoy working with you! Literally I show off my cats in video calls and talk about microblading my brows to my clients! (The secret is out, I really don’t have brows 😂)

That’s similar to my approach on YouTube where I wanted to just be myself and not be a very uptight person lecturing you. I wanted to be the big sis (I literally made a branding guide saying I wanted to be perceived as that 😂).

How do you bring your whole self to work? Do you have a personal brand? Comment down below!

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