I TRIED SEATED FOR A DAY (and how it works): Dining In & Ordering Delivery in NYC… I made $30!

I’ve tried the dining and restaurant rewards app Seated for about 4 months now, and I can’t believe I haven’t been on it earlier! I can get money back from eating at restaurants or by ordering food for pickup or delivery, so I wanted to show everyone the process so you can learn how it works too. Especially when in New York City, there’s so many options near me, why wouldn’t I take advantage of it? This is not a sponsored video, but I wish it was because it’s such a cool app!

I try Seated for a whole day to show you the process when it comes to exploring and finding places to eat, the booking or ordering process, the receipt validation process, and even redeeming for rewards. It is all so easy, and you can do this too!

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