My true authentic self

Let me tell you a secret! I actually hate taking photos of myself which is why I keep using old photos, but I know I really should try to show more of myself here to let people know who I am! The irony when I take photos of myself for YouTube thumbnails. 😹

But let’s be real, I don’t actually look like this on a normal day because I only wear makeup for my YouTube videos! This is actually a rare moment I even wore makeup going outside! I mostly wear makeup if I’m filming and I happened to wear makeup this particular day because I was filming a weekend in my life. 😂

But I have to say my brows have always been lacking and I was born with super sparse brows and I also included a photo with absolutely no makeup. I’ve had micropigmentation done 3 years ago, so my brows are really catfishing you. 😂😂😂

Do you show your true self? Do you wear makeup? Honestly, while I’m all about natural beauty (let’s be real, it’s because I’m lazy and suck at makeup), I also believe in creative and personal expression, so if you love a full face of makeup, go for it! The most I do is really my brows before I did micropigmentation, but what are you insecure about? Do you embrace it or do you fight it?

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