Project Structure in Consulting

I always get asked what should you expect on a project, and honestly this changes across firms, type of consulting, and even client and scope!

I know, I know, it’s the all too famous “it depends,” but I broke it up to a structure I noticed in most firms either big or boutique. Project size also differs as well. Management and strategy consulting may have smaller teams and tech tends to have bigger teams. Sometimes engagement manager/delivery lead is the same person as the project manager to be even leaner!

One other big misconception is analysts just “analyze” and don’t truly do consulting. It really is just a title, but you would typically be a support consultant. You might need to warm up to the responsibilities and tasks first, but you’re still going to be doing the work consultants will be doing, though you may have fewer client facing situations.

How is your current team structure, whether it be consulting or not?

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