WEEKEND In My Life in NYC VLOG | Japanese Cherry Blossoms, Asian Food & Content Creation | Brooklyn

With everything slowly opening back up in New York City and spring finally here, I finally got to see the Japanese cherry blossoms and dine out (and order in) with a lot of Asian cuisine and with friends! I currently live in New York City, specifically in Brooklyn, and I take you on a typical weekend of my life, so let’s explore more of Brooklyn! I’ve lived in New York for my whole life, but NYC is always beautiful, delicious, and fun to live in. As a content creator, I also record podcast episodes and film videos for my own YouTube channel on the weekends on top of my full time job as a technology consultant at Accenture. I am also the founder of the Technology Consulting Community and we also had a call for our pro bono consulting program as well in this vlog!

When going out, please still wear a mask, social distance, and get vaccinated if you can. We still need to work together to protect our community from COVID19!


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