Consulting Staffing Process

Did you know after a job interview and job offer, you STILL have to search for projects? You can either wait for your staffing coordinator to find one for you or you take it in your own hands to network and find the projects you want to do to advance your own career in the way you want to!

Here is the typical staffing process. Sometimes you even get client interviews and the client could decide on which resources should be staffed on the project and sometimes it’s more of an introduction.

I know many people who don’t find their work to be fulfilling in consulting, and while partially that could be because of the firm, sometimes it’s actually because of you. The staffing and networking process is where you can pave your own path. Most people who do wait for a project while “on the bench” (which means unstaffed), won’t get a project they want.

What kind of projects would you want to be staffed on?

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