FAQ In Consulting

These are the three most common questions I get about consulting! The difficult part about consulting is that your experience really differs by location, firm, area and specialty. Ask anyone and they will say “it depends!“ These are generalized answers and I always recommend you to network to get a holistic view for your targeted area!

It is also excellent for people who are still trying to figure out what they want to do! I actually did consulting to figure out what I wanted to do with tech while having exposure to many different companies, industries and people!

Make sure to check out my video on YouTube if you want to learn everything about my experience at Accenture! I’m just one datapoint so make sure to network around and do your research!

Follow me on Instagram at @christine.innovates for more! I go over technology consulting, technology, consulting, careers, and also my own personal stories and narratives as a young working professional!

If technology consulting or consulting in general speaks to you, make sure to follow me and also check out my YouTube channel that focuses on technology consulting, consulting, careers, professional & personal development, and money for the young working professional!


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