What Breed Is My Cat? The Basepaws Cat DNA Results are IN! | Meet My Cat Charlotte

On January 15 of 2021, I adopted my foster cat, Charlotte, from Best Friends Animal Society! I haven’t really included her on my channel much because I was waiting for this video to give a big bang! Since she’s a domestic shorthair and we don’t have much history from her, I decided to do the Basepaws DNA test to see her health and genetic makeup! Let’s see what other cat breeds she’s closely related to! THE RESULTS ARE SHOCKING!


Sora’s First Birthday! ❤️ | October 6, 2020

Today is my second cat Sora’s First Birthday!

I made a tribute video for him filled cute cat footage up until his first birthday. ❤️ getting them together for the photo was a pain, but it was worth it!