Working from Home with your Partner | WORK AND RELATIONSHIP TIPS

For over two years, my boyfriend Addison and I worked together from home at the same company and in the same location. Then the pandemic hit and we had no choice but to work from home 24/7 when before we had the option to go to the office or travel onsite for client meetings! How did we do it? Here are all of our tips we learned from living and working together when and after we were working in the same company!


HOW WE DEAL WITH OUR FINANCES as an Unmarried Couple | Let’s Talk Money

Addison Chen and I bought a condo together in 2020 in our our early 20s, and before that we rented an apartment together, so we talked about how we handle our finances from how we budget, how we split our income (if we do), handle our expenses, and soooo many questions we have for you guys!

How do you and your SO handle your money as a couple? What if someone uses more toilet paper than the other or wants something much more expensive than you’re comfortable buying (like a TV)?!

Living With Your Significant Other (and alllll of the dirty deets) | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

I personally find it so interesting how other couples deal with all of the aspects that come with living with your significant other. It’s actually a lot more than just being roommates, it’s finding a right balance! In this episode, we provide some background of our relationships and then we go deep and BRUTALLY honest into how we mesh together with lifestyle, doing chores, handling money, as a couple, and other tips we have based off of our experience. It’s a pretty long episode, but I think you’ll find this entertaining and fun since we have Michelle Lam! We’re even going to go into how potpourri saved her relationship! That’s right. You won’t want to miss this episode!