WEEKEND IN MY LIFE in NEW YORK CITY: What I Eat, Swimming, $1 Oysters, Birthday | #myPublicGoods

I take you into a weekend in my life in New York City! This summer, we have a lot of fun plans, and I show you all of the delicious food I had this weekend, swimming, $1 oysters happy hour, errands, and grooming cats! We also celebrated Addison’s mom’s birthday and had fun with friends on helping them buy a bike at Target and playing cards (more like wrekt).

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IS NEW YORK CITY WORTH IT: 5 Things to Think About Before Moving to NYC in 2021

Due to my real estate journey, many have asked me why we decided to stay in New York City, and the question is always “Is New York City worth it?” In this video, I tell you 5 things you need to think about before moving to NYC in 2021! My New York pride kicks in, but I know that depending on who you are, it’s not always worth it, so I go over who would and who wouldn’t enjoy New York City. Maybe this would help you out with making a decision! Especially with the pandemic, more and more people are reevaluating if that’s the right move.