Vu Nguyen: Accenture Federal Services Technology Consultant & YouTuber | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

A new interview featuring Vu Nguyen about his experience as a technology consultant at Accenture Federal Services! Even though I’m at Accenture, the government side is foreign to me, so I dig deeper to learn more!

Vu Nguyen graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in biomedical engineering. He knew he wanted to go into technology consulting, so he found a job at Accenture Federal Services. Working with government clients is always interesting to explore how different they are compared to working with commercial clients. I go over all the nuances and questions I had so you can learn about working with government clients, how it’s like at Accenture Federal Services (AFS), which is Accenture LLP’s wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture LLP for government clients, and also more about technology consulting! On the side, Vu also has a YouTube channel with lots of entertaining content that is fun to watch, so make sure to go support his channel!