Job Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some of my Do’s and Don’ts for job recruitment! If you want to learn more, make sure to check out the event so you can hear some directly from Accenture recruiter Pira Muthu!

This is an EXCLUSIVE EVENT only available to the Technology Consulting Community members. Pira Muthu is an Accenture recruiter based out of the UK, has many opportunities available in the UK area (relocation allowed) that she would love to share with us.

She also wants to share her hints and tips for undergrads and experienced hires interested in a pursuing a career in technology consulting. She is also happy to talk about interview best practices as she has 7+ years of recruitment. This is an event you DO NOT want to miss! Share to anyone who may be interested!

NOTE: WE TAKE NO SHOWS VERY SERIOUSLY. It is disrespectful to the guest and it also reflects poorly on you. Every guest gets a list of who marked going and who actually attends.
Join the Facebook group to attend.


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