My Public Speaking Tips!

It may come as a shock to many people that I used to be the absolute worst in public speaking. Even presenting to ONE PERSON! From stuttering, no eye contact, reading off of a piece of paper, shaking voice, these are the main tips I ended up doing that really helped.

I still get nervous when talking to large groups of people (virtual less so), but really just being comfortable with being uncomfortable I think is my BIGGEST tip and it’s easier said that done, but forcing yourself to speak in front of big groups either volunteering to present or becoming a host for townhalls at work, speak at school events, or even starting a YouTube channel!

Let me know what other tips you had in public speaking! I do plan on making a video on this because as someone who is an introvert who spoke in broken English due to my Asian American background, I never imagined myself speaking at large events or in big townhalls and presentations at work. Maybe someone could relate!

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