Mohammad Misbah: Up the Ranks in Consulting: Analyst to Senior Manager | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

Mohammad Misbah, other known as “The Consulting Guy” on Instagram, started off at Accenture as an analyst and then rose through the ranks as a senior manager and now is a Director at a Big 4 consulting firm. He now runs The Consulting Guy, hosts The Consulting Podcast, an entrepreneur (crypto, real estate, angel investing), and is a Dad of a 2 year old trouble maker, husband to a wonderful woman.

Starting off in systems integrations and then moving into management consulting where he focused on CRM in the financial services industry, Mohammad shares his wisdom of how his journey, responsibilities, and expectations have changed from when he was an analyst and all the way up as he got promoted within the firm to senior manager. He is now an ex-senior manager at Accenture and has moved onto to become a director at a Big 4 consulting firm!