Work From Home Productivity and YouTube Content Creation Studio Desk Setup

As a full time technology consultant, part time Youtuber and podcaster, and a side hustle of career coaching and Technology Consulting Community, I needed a desk setup that would enable me for success and productivity. Especially if my job allows me to work from home!

To some, this may seem extra, but to me, it really isn’t. The key star in this video is my Dark Matter 49″ ultrawide monitor by Monoprice!


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

One of my projects at work is finally going live after two years! It also happened to be my FIRST project despite having done four others while this was still ongoing. It was a long journey and we had many hurdles… SO MANY! But what held us all together – and sane – was teamwork.

Actually we had our milestone celebration yesterday and the client’s CFO mentioned this proverb. It stood out to me on how this applies in other relationships in our life too!

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