Top 4 Tech Consulting Firms

I hate rankings because I feel like they are all just rankings, but I actually value more about when the culture or firm is for you. These are the ranking from 2020 at And no, I didn’t choose this one because #Accenture is at the top, haha. I think what is important to see when it comes to rankings is to really determine why you are interested in a particular firm. Is it for the prestige and reputation? Is it for clout? Or do you actually like the company’s culture and what they offer for you and your career?

When many people went to me and asked why not #mckinsey, #bain, or #bcg, mine was frankly on culture and work life balance. Also they weren’t known for tech. For #big4, I didn’t want to be in an accounting firm. #Deloitte was probably the only one I would consider due to its dedicated consulting sector and decent tech consulting offerings.

In the end, I chose Accenture for their culture, people, and branding! How many professional services do you see flash in purple? Purple in marketing is meant to be #innovation. It wasn’t purple just for fun.

Which firm is your top firm? Our even #boutiquefirms which I feel don’t get enough attention! Coming from a boutique firm, I loved my experience knowing everyone and honing my craft in data analytics. It’s a better option for many people! I personally chose Accenture so I could explore and expand my skillset and reach beyond just #dataanalytics.


Big vs Boutique Consulting Firms | Which would be right for you?

I see a lot of people interested in consulting considering big firms, but I wanted to make this video to also show that boutique firms have its benefits too! As someone who worked at a big and a boutique firm, I see value for both types of firms for different people. Hopefully this helps you make a decision with consulting recruiting season upon us!

In this video, I discuss what is a big and a boutique firm and why go for a big or a boutique firm. I put a spin on the video too for anyone interested in technology consulting, but it’s still applying for all types of consulting!

For any questions at all on the video or the information, please let me know, and I will be happy to help out!