Addison Chen: Technology Consultant, Medium Writer, & My Boyfriend! | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

You guys see him on my YouTube channel and on my podcast a lot! I finally interview my boyfriend, Addison Chen! He is also a technology consultant at Accenture, but what’s interesting is despite both of us being Chinese Americans born and raised in New York, our journeys becoming technology consultants at Accenture have been vastly different. He studied at SUNY Albany, a state university in New York with a degree in computer science and math, and entered the workforce with no internships or work experience as an IT consultant at a small firm (less than 5 people!) in New York City and then later moved into Accenture (over 50K people!). He also writes Medium articles on the side about coding and other topics like real estate!

FUN FACT: We met on Coffee Meets Bagel because I saw his job title said he was a technology consultant. Our first two hours texting each other were literally about computer science and coding! A couple that codes together stays together.



Did you know you can wear many hats as a technology consultant? What roles would you be doing on a project and what kind of responsibilities can you expect for each role?

In this video, I go over WHO and WHAT makes up your team (HINT: may not even be from your firm!), the hierarchy and roles of the project team, and the various project team structures across the industry!

My channel focuses on professional development but I also highlight my experience, lifestyle, and insights into a career in technology consulting in hopes to encourage more women to consider this amazing career – especially in STEM!

Any questions at all about the information I provided or about Accenture or technology consulting, please let me know!