WHO KNOWS ME BETTER: Boyfriend vs Best Friends Trivia Game!

I sat down with my two best friends ( and Sally Chen) and with my boyfriend (Addison Chen)! Michelle has been friends with me since high school (over 11 years now), Sally has been friends with me since college (over 8 years), and Addison an I have been together for over 4 years. Each come with a different perspective on our relationships with each other as people grow and develop, and while I wanted to do this in person, Addison and I did get COVID19 during the December 2021 holiday break, so we had to do this virtually instead!

Who knows me better? Watch to find out!


PLAY WITH US: Would You Rather MONEY EDITION | Spending and Saving Money Habits

I’m with my friends in this video and thought it would be fun to ask “Would You Rather” questions when it comes to our spending (or saving) habits! Play along with us and tell me what you think!

Thanks, Sally Chen, Addison Chen, Michelle Lam, and Collin for joining!

Being Pet Parents as Young Working Professionals | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

Another fun and chill episode with Sally Chen, Michelle Lam, and Addison Chen! We talked about how our experiences were owning pets from a young age and how that evolved in college and as young working professionals, especially with our significant others! Owning pets is a responsibility, and you should always do your research before getting a pet or a specific species whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit, or hamster.

Bros over Hoes vs. Hoes over Bros?! | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

New podcast episode is up!

Continuing our conversation about friendships! I chat with my friends, Michelle N. Lam and Sally Chen, about how boys have affected our friendship. HOW SPICY! It’s pretty easy to get lost in the mix, but we talk about how exactly it affected our friendship and even our relationships – positively and negatively!


Our Friendship’s Becoming

I sit down with two my closest friends, Michelle Lam and Sally Chen, as we recount our friendship and how it came to be. We built very deep relationships with each other where we know what makes each other tick, what our tendencies are, and even the uglies with our demons with each other. We are 100% honest and do NOT put in any “sugar fluff,” so this is a fun episode to listen to!