Best Internships for Consulting

One common question I get is what internships should you get if you want to pursue consulting, and it’s a trick question because most people instantly think of Big 4, MBB, or Accenture (gotta add it to the list), but they think if they don’t get a consulting internship it’s game over.

Find roles and programs where you can grow and cultivate these skills. The title may not seem entirely related but the nature of the work is. It’s all about the story and the transferable skills. Some internships that could translate well would be data analytics, market research, supply chain management, operations management, IT project management, product management, financial analysis, and so much more. And even on top of the “role,” actually working on these skills are not guaranteed so you may want to go out of your way to put them to practice either by talking to your supervisor or doing it outside of your internship.

Technology Consulting Community’s pro Bono consulting program is a GREAT example of getting real experience with clients and working on all these skills! It’s free, global, and very fulfilling, so comment down below if you’re interested in learning more as we do rolling applications and send out an interest form to our email list and Facebook group for our next round of clients!

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