Manal Meer | Pivoting into Technology Consulting from a Science Background | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

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Manal Meer studied biology and psychology in University of Toronto and then an MBA at McMaster University where she discovered consulting during an internship. Recently pivoting into technology consulting at Ernst & Young in Canada as a Strategy & Technology Transformation Consultant, she walks us through her journey, is an MBA worth it, how she pivoted herself, and even how it’s like and some tips she has for those starting their jobs in a virtual or remote setting!

PLAY WITH US: Would You Rather MONEY EDITION | Spending and Saving Money Habits

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I’m with my friends in this video and thought it would be fun to ask “Would You Rather” questions when it comes to our spending (or saving) habits! Play along with us and tell me what you think!

Alankrita Dayal | UX Engineer & Executive Director at Program YoUr Future | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

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Alankrita Dayal (@alankritadayal) is focused on developing educational technology that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to curate effective and personalized STEM learning pathways for students in K-12. She is also the Executive Director at Program Your Future – PUF (PUF), where she organizes large-scale academic bootcamps that educate and empower underrepresented, at-risk youth into the STEM and Computer Science fields.

Networking and Navigating Your Virtual or Remote Internship | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

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It could be a little tricky with networking especially at your internship or outside of your internship to see if the role or company is right for you. How do you navigate those waters without stepping on anyone’s toes or crossing boundaries? Luke is about to start his internship at a Big 4 firm and he wants to make sure he puts his best foot forward!

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Amanda Wright: Big 4 Consulting to Independent Consulting | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

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Amanda Wright, also known as on Instagram, is a management consultant based in Victoria BC. She has worked at Deloitte in Strategy & Operations for several years after completing her MBA, and then decided to start her own consulting business. In 2020 she began offering coaching to female consultants who want to exit Big 4 or MBB consulting to start their own independent consulting business.

Amanda also has a program called Take the Leap and she’s having so much fun delivering it! She is super passionate about supporting and encouraging other women to stay in the consulting industry, but on their own terms.

Dr. Nicole Tschierske: Career Empowerment for Women in STEM | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

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Dr. Nicole Tschierske is passionate about helping overlooked women in STEM become influential, so they can confidently unlock new opportunities for themselves, get their employers saying “we need you on this job!” and make a bigger impact. As a Scientist and Positive Psychology Coach, Nicole helps her clients strategically turn their career frustrations into a renewed love for their work.

In this episode, we dive into a lot of the problems women in STEM face and discuss how we can push through them to empower our careers!

Myoshia Boykin-Anderson: Starting Your Own IT Consulting Firm | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

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Myoshia is now the award-winning founder and CEO of one of the leading IT Consulting companies in the country, AndTech Solutions, LLC. Right after high school, Myoshia went straight into the workforce in technology for healthcare industries. She later started her own IT consulting firm, and we walk through the process of doing so and gaining credibility and rapport with new clients.

AndTech Solutions is providing custom application development and other technology services to some of the top U.S. companies and organizations. They’ve implemented health plans responsible for managing over 56 million members across 25 states and consulted with small businesses in creating custom application solutions to meet their technology challenges.

Kajol Phadnis Patel: Creating Content while Consulting at a Big 4 Firm | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

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Kajol Phadnis is no stranger to my channel as we did collaborate on a Women in Consulting YouTube video! I invited her to my podcast because she shares such a wealth of knowledge and energy from her bubbly self and her passion in content creation, entrepreneurship, and consulting! Let’s dig deeper and see who Kajol really is!