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Something I pride in a lot about myself that really helped me achieve as much as I was able to at this point is simply how I don’t give a f*ck. Because of that, I can recover very fast and start taking action to improve, reinvent, or pivot. I don’t exactly have a method per se, but I broke down what goes on in my head into 5 digestible steps and hopefully this can help you as well! I think a lot of times, we are so self-critical about ourselves or we care too much, but sometimes we spend so much time thinking we don’t act!


Growing Pains of Adulting | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

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There’s a lot of changes your life and yourself goes through when you go through the phases of adulthood whether that be friendships, professional, and life events. It’s tough on growing and changing and constantly reinventing yourself, but it’s possible! Let’s talk about all of the growing pains that I’ve gone through and let me know if you can relate! I’m only 25, but I feel like I’ve been through a lot already, HAHAHA.

Thais Pulliam: How it’s Like to be a Solutions Architect and UX Consultant | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

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Thais Pulliam is based in Miami as a solutions architect, product designer, and technology consultant at Glidefast Consulting! She was a fashion model before she went through General Assembly’s coding bootcamp and now pivoted to her career today! What exactly does a solutions architect do? Let’s dive in!


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Making a good first impression is so important in the corporate and also in personal life too! But does that mean you should be a very fake or energetic version of yourself? You should bring your best version of yourself when meeting new people, and you do that with your personal brand! I will NOT be providing general tips (some of them are pretty self-explanatory) but rather how to put your best food forward as genuine and authentic self. This video is for you on how you can approach this!


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In a prior video of mine, I spoke about how I manage my time, and I use goals as a huge driver on how I prioritize my time and how to even approach my plans. Here, I’m with Derek and we’re talking about how we set goals for ourselves whether it be personal or professional goals! We talk about how it’s important to set goals, SMART goals, having a support system, building habits and systems, and what our current goals are now!

Reflection on our 4 Years together | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

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Addison Chen and I have been together for four years ever since that fateful first date on July 20, 2017! We went to celebrate our four year anniversary in Chicago this year! We also recorded a podcast episode reflecting, for both on our own accounts and moving forward! We’ve gone through a lot like living together, having cats together, and buying a condo together!

How to get that RETURN OFFER from your Internship | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

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Deniz reached out to me as a sophomore in college doing a consulting internship. This is also her first internship as well, so she didn’t know what she needed to do to navigate the waters! She hopes to get that return offer for her junior year summer, so we sat down to talk about all the tips and answer her questions!

Mock Technology Consulting Case Interview: Tech Transformation | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

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Follow Along! Did you know case interviews are usually different for technology consulting case interviews? In today’s video, we go through a real mock interview with Diego so you can join along and learn as well!

Transitioning to Real Estate from Tech with Adrian | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

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Adrian Chu received a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and received an MBA at University of Washington. He also studied data science in real estate at the school of architecture and planning at MIT. He also worked as an engineer at Boeing, Intel, and Microsoft while being the managing broker and principal at Specialty Real Estate Group as well as principal at CHU Design + Build.

He has left the tech world and is now fully in the real estate world. He walks us through how it’s like to purchase and invest in real estate in today’s age!

Interviewee Led Tech Case Interview | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

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Follow Along! In today’s podcast episode, we go through a real mock interview with Kevin on an interviewee led tech case interview! It is good to do this with a partner as this may be a bit hard being very interactive, but make sure your partner knows what goes into an interviewee led tech case interview and is equipped to answer your questions.