DAY IN MY LIFE AS A TECH CONSULTANT | I tried the Pomodoro Technique as a Consultant. Does it work?

Trying something new and I was curious if the Pomodoro technique could work with a consultant’s lifestyle! I was skeptical, but this is what happened! This is a day in my life as a tech consultant at Accenture, and a very accurate and no fluff vlog at that too!

To those who don’t know what the Pomodoro technique is, it’s a time management method to work in focused, 25-minute intervals with short breaks of 5 minutes. This may work for many, and this may also not work for many!



Consulting is notorious for bad work life balance with long hours, excruciating work load, maybe toxic work environment, but I’m breaking misconceptions and providing an honest and realistic point of view in technology consulting work life balance. Hint: technology consulting actually has a better work life balance than management consulting!

In this video, I touch points on how work life balance is when you’re traveling onsite to client location and when you’re working from home. This will give you an accurate depiction of how your life can be as a technology consultant! I’ve also gathered information and experiences from other technology consultants as wll.

My channel focuses on professional development but I also highlight my experience, lifestyle, and insights into a career in technology consulting in hopes to encourage more women to consider this amazing career – especially in STEM!

Any questions at all about the information I provided or about Accenture or technology consulting, please let me know!


I hope this video can help give you a clear picture of what a tech consultant does and maybe consider this field for you! I am currently a technology consultant at Accenture in NYC for about two years now, and what better way to go over what exactly do I do them when I’m in quarantine and can actually tell you (and not be judged by people in the office). This video is for you if you are considering in going into tech consulting or consulting! Also, if you like cats, this video is definitely for you because I have two beautiful cats and there will be so much footage of them!

I know this is a long vlog, but I put in an educational segment every day as well for you to learn exactly how it is as a tech consultant. I talk about how a work week in technology consulting is like (in quarantine or working from home), what to expect, and the life that comes around it! Each day will cover each of these segments: how to stand out in a client call as an entry level, how are we and Accenture dealing with COVID-19 Quarantine, work life balance in consulting, differences (and skills needed) in Technology Consulting vs. Management or Strategy Consulting, and lastly, career counselors and performance achievement at Accenture or in the consulting industry.

As we live in NYC, one of the major epicenters of this pandemic, we’re trying to make the most of the situation and hope you are too wherever you are! For me, it has been very similar to how it is when I work remotely but of course some modifications were made since we can’t go outside as freely like to my boxing classes and to minor errands. Make sure to stay at home, stay healthy, stay safe, and wash your hands often! Do this for yourself and for everyone around you. We can do this guys!

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