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Something I pride in a lot about myself that really helped me achieve as much as I was able to at this point is simply how I don’t give a f*ck. Because of that, I can recover very fast and start taking action to improve, reinvent, or pivot. I don’t exactly have a method per se, but I broke down what goes on in my head into 5 digestible steps and hopefully this can help you as well! I think a lot of times, we are so self-critical about ourselves or we care too much, but sometimes we spend so much time thinking we don’t act!

Covve Collaboration!

I used to be so so excited to get my own business cards when I was a kid, and when I joined Accenture, I was actually able to order my own! But now I have so many more than just that like my YouTube channel, Instagram, podcast, and Technology Consulting Community on top of Accenture, it’s now an outdated waste of paper.

Covve provides an alternative with NFC business cards! A simple tap on your smartphone and all of my information opens and enables you from saving my contact information directly with just a tap! Check out Covve!

P.S. This is also way more environmentally friendly! This is 2021. It’s a baseline requirement now.

We went to Chicago for our 4 year anniversary! | Deep Dish Pizza, Lincoln Park Zoo, 360 Chicago TILT

We always like to travel for our anniversaries and birthdays, and for our 4 year anniversary, we went to Chicago! This was Addison’s first time in Chicago, but my third time. We checked out Gino’s East and Lou Malnati’s for deep dish pizza, Lincoln Park Zoo, boba vending machine Mycha at Block 37, 360 Chicago and their TILT ride, Starbucks Reserve Roastery (biggest in the world with 5 floors!), shopping on the Magnificent Mile, Portillo’s, Millennium Park and the Bean, and Navy Pier! For the day of our 4 year anniversary, we had boba, got a massage, and went to a one Michelin star restaurant, Sepia! AMAZING experience!

Another Testimony!

Yet another success story! My very first coaching client back when I started in January actually had great response and got called for interviews and eventually landed an internship the past summer!

A few updates on my content while I’m here:
🌟To focus more on quality, I’m only going to release one video a week on my YouTube channel except on weeks I have a video podcast episode!
🌟I am also reducing my podcast episode schedule to every other week. This is also to improve the quality of the podcast recording as well!
🌟I am going full throttle on career coaching with the upcoming recruitment season as well as focusing on building up Technology Consulting Community!

If you are interested in a career in technology consulting, make sure to join Technology Consulting Community’s Facebook group, Clubhouse, and Discord server to join the discussions on how to launch and grow your career in technology consulting! We also have free events, programs, activities, and workshops.

Check out my YouTube channel for video content focusing on technology consulting, consulting, careers, professional & personal development, and money for the young working professional!

What You Need to Know About Consulting | Reasons WHY Consulting Isn’t For You

Consulting is among one of the best careers you can get into because of what you can learn, the diversity of experiences, and how there are many exit opportunities who want the highly coveted skills and experiences you get, but this video will go into what you need to know about consulting and specifically the reasons WHY consulting isn’t for you. Also this video kind of seems a little ranty, but even if you love your job, you’ll still have gripes with it!

Consulting is not for everyone. I get a lot of questions from people who are worried about the stress, travel, work life balance, and so forth, and I’ll go into a little more in depth on what it’s truly like and go into the horrors of the career. These are not reflecting of all consultants’ experiences because some may not travel or some have great work life balance! But these are considerations. If these do matter to you, vet out for a consulting firm for you and don’t just go straight for MBB, Big 4 or big firms out there without doing your research. A lot of boutique firms actually address a lot of these!

Growing Pains of Adulting | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

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There’s a lot of changes your life and yourself goes through when you go through the phases of adulthood whether that be friendships, professional, and life events. It’s tough on growing and changing and constantly reinventing yourself, but it’s possible! Let’s talk about all of the growing pains that I’ve gone through and let me know if you can relate! I’m only 25, but I feel like I’ve been through a lot already, HAHAHA.

I tried Too Good To Go for a Day: Ending Food Waste! What is it and is it worth it? #TooGoodToGo

Too good to go reduces food waste and helps your wallet! It has been my recent obsession, but can you use it as your only source of food! I put it to the test for the whole day and tried it out! I live in New York City where this is out, but it may or may not be available in your region, so check it out!

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A STRESSFUL Training & Certification Work Week in My Life as a Technology Consultant

If you’re in consulting, you’ll no doubt have to do training and also pursue certifications. In this vlog, I am pursuing (and eventually passed!) Workday’s Advanced Reporting Certification. It’s tough balancing client work, training, the homework an studying that comes with it, and even personal life, so hopefully this will show you a true account on a work week in my life as a technology consultant.

Thais Pulliam: How it’s Like to be a Solutions Architect and UX Consultant | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

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Thais Pulliam is based in Miami as a solutions architect, product designer, and technology consultant at Glidefast Consulting! She was a fashion model before she went through General Assembly’s coding bootcamp and now pivoted to her career today! What exactly does a solutions architect do? Let’s dive in!

YOUR PERSONAL BRAND: How to Make a Good First Impression

Making a good first impression is so important in the corporate and also in personal life too! But does that mean you should be a very fake or energetic version of yourself? You should bring your best version of yourself when meeting new people, and you do that with your personal brand! I will NOT be providing general tips (some of them are pretty self-explanatory) but rather how to put your best food forward as genuine and authentic self. This video is for you on how you can approach this!